Did you know Wednesday?

Traduction en français, ici. Le saviez-vous du mercredi.

Did you know that the warning labels on cigarette packages have an opposite effect on smokers?

According to a brain scan study conducted by Martin Lindstrom: “cigarette warnings- whether they informed smokers they were at risk of contracting emphysema, heart disease or a host of other chronic conditions – had in fact stimulated an area of the smokers’ brain called the nucleus accumbens, otherwise known as ‘the craving spot’ […]. When stimulated, the nucleus accumbens requires higher and higher doses to get its fix”.

“In other words, all those gruesome photographs, government regulations, billions of dollars some 123 countries had invested in nonsmoking campaigns, all amounted, at the end of the day, to, well, a big waste of money”.

Information quoted from:

Lindstrom, Martin. “Chapter 1: A Rush of Blood to the Head.” Buy-ology. N.p.: Doubleday, 2008. 14-15. Print.

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